Reverend Dann Cecil, Pastor

The church is charged with developing disciples of Christ by teaching the truths and principles of Biblical Christianity to the young and the old.  Along with the preaching command for the church, the teaching command is also important.  Preaching is done by ordained ministers of the Gospel; while teaching is done by lay people who are trained in the knowledge of the Scriptures and are gifted with sharing their knowledge with others.

Sunday School is provided for people of all ages.  Age appropriate curriculum is used; children and adults are trained and encouraged in their knowledge of truth and grace found in God’s Word.

Bible Studies are small groups that meet to study specific books of the Bible or topics that pertain to living Godly lives.  Each of these small groups emphasize bearing one another’s burdens and encourage praying for the expressed concerns of participants throughout the week.  These studies are blessed times of fellowship.

Catechism Studies are provided for school aged children and youth.  A catechism is a question and answer format to learn the truths found in God’s Word.  These questions and answers are backed up with the scripture in which they reside.  The goal is to have children and young people who not only know God’s Word but are controlled by God’s Word in their daily living.

Vacation Bible School is a summer outreach ministry of NFMPC to the children of the church and the surrounding community.  Staffed by church members, VBS is a week of themed immersion in the truth of the Gospel that engages the body, mind, and soul of each child who attends.